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About us

Atlas Alliance is an agile consortium run for and by the best independent professional contractors in Queensland.

About Atlas Alliance

Atlas Alliance is an agile consortium run for and by the best independent professional contractors in Queensland.

We help Queensland Government and business find and secure the best subject matter expert contractors, consultants and full project teams to work with existing in-house resources, at far cheaper rates than a consultancy or a traditional recruiter.

Leverage our professional network to pin point the best person or complete team, across almost every specialty, for high profile and politically important project delivery.

Alternatively, you can nominate the people you want and easily contract them directly through our competitive contract management service.

Douglas Pye, Managing Director

Atlas Alliance was born out of frustration…

Frustration that traditional consultancy firms continue to over charge clients and under pay their best talent.

Frustration that recruitment agencies with no field experience simply pass on the first five CVs they have on file and hope one sticks, for a healthy margin.

Our business model ensures employers get the best possible people at below major consultancy rates, and our contractors still end up with more in their pocket.

A better deal for Government, for business and a better deal for the worker. It is the ultimate Win…Win… 

We thrive on creativity, challenging our ideas to see if there’s a more exciting or memorable way.
We are energetic – there’s a vigor about us that clients don’t get anywhere else, and it’s contagious.
We are effective – never doing tasks just for the sake of it. Each activity has a clear goal and outcome in mind.
We’re frank. We tell it like it is, putting ego aside and doing what it takes to achieve success.

Julianne Waters

Membership and Engagement Coordinator

Julianne is an experienced Operations Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the utilities industry. She is highly skilled in Business Meetings, Event Management, Media Relations, and Business Transformation. An operations professional with a Diploma of Management focussed in Business Administration and Management.

Julianne has worked in corporate roles in several industries throughout her career, including the Electricity industry for over 23 years holding management and project roles in Corporate Development, Customer Advocacy for Solar PV, Energy Conservation and Demand Management, Procurement and Geographical Information Systems.

Julianne also had exceptional management experience at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2019 as an Operations Supervisor, Transport, where she coordinated and allocated resources for VIP transportation for guests at Varsity Lakes, Broadbeach and Carrara.

Background includes government, health, medical, freight forwarding and more recently at the Southport Yacht Club where she held the role of Membership Manager for its four locations.

An active and enthusiastic team member who regularly communicates and engages with stakeholders in the pursuit of excellence for Atlas Allliance.

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