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Atlas Alliance secures the best independent contingent contractors and purpose built consultant teams without the expensive agency mark-up.


With extensive experience working on major projects, our consortium understands the political importance of having the best people in place to get the job done.

Our team can work to a specific confidential brief to find the best independent contractors or consultant teams to put forward for your selection, or we can work with you to develop the strategy and then build the team to deliver it.

Alternatively, you can nominate the person or people you want and easily contract them directly through our competitive structure.

The Atlas Alliance model is designed to find the best people to meet your specific needs and provide the structure to make a quick appointment. 


Atlas Alliance is a new type of contractor engagement service. We have access to the best industry experts across almost all sectors without the expensive agency mark-ups.

The best talent in the market is most often already engaged and not looking for a role through a recruitment agent. Those who work for a consultancy are almost always overworked and under paid and many are looking for new opportunity to break out on their own.

Our easy contract management service takes care of all the administration so everyone achieve their goals and just concentrate on getting the job done.

The talent gets the lion share of the day rate and you still save money relative to engaging a consultancy or going via a traditional recruitment agency. 


Atlas Alliance has a full breadth of expert strategists available to help you with your most complex challenges and can build tailored solutions to achieve sustained performance improvement.

​Business unit strategy: Helping to make proprietary decisions about where to play and how to reach full service delivery and economic potential.

Corporate strategy: Enables a company to be worth more than just the sum of its parts. The most critical role of the centre is to help business units achieve leadership positions.

Change management: A systematic and empathetic approach to making adjustments to the way your business works.

Marketing communication: Tells your story with the right messages sent to the right audience.

…and more. 

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